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November 24, 201707:04 AM
#BlackFriday is a great time to find deals on #dental care products for the whole family!
November 23, 201707:05 AM
Happy Thanksgiving from your #dental family at Atlantic Dental Partners! ������
November 17, 201708:03 AM
Sounds like somebody needed a better #Dentist. No respect, I'm tellin' ya!
November 13, 201708:41 AM
#Dental Facts Only: Americans buy more than 3 million miles of dental floss every year!
November 10, 201708:03 AM
Make sure your smile looks great in this year's holiday card!

Schedule an appointment today! ��…
October 31, 201706:04 AM
October 23, 201707:11 AM
Wishing you THIS many smiles and more today, this weekend, and every day! ;-)
October 20, 201707:03 AM
Is there something you're not telling us? That might be a problem if you have heart disease.
October 18, 201707:01 AM
We've got 3 ghoulishly simple tips for a safe #Halloween party. Keep those teeth in your head!
October 16, 201706:00 AM
Did you know playing an instrument could affect a child's health? From teeth to shoulders, here's the scoop.
October 13, 201707:04 AM
Don't like dairy? Did you know there are lots of foods you can eat that will give you the protein you need?…
October 2, 201707:05 AM
Okay, who needs some solid recipes for the holiday season? We've got a bunch for you... dig in!
September 29, 201707:02 AM
Loose crown got you down? Maybe you need some gold. Read more & reach out w/questions!
September 22, 201707:03 AM
This masterful tip also helps you reach the back of your mouth when brushing! How's that for double-duty!?
September 15, 201707:02 AM
When you'll be asked to consider an X-ray and why they're safe! ;-)
September 11, 201707:08 AM
Cleanin' out the cupboards? Here are a few dental-related tasks to take care of as well!
September 8, 201709:06 AM
Come on, admit it ... did you save your baby teeth?
September 6, 201707:04 AM
All ready for school? Want to get those teeth looking great? Give us a ring at 617-524-1110!
September 4, 201707:05 AM
Hooray to the three day weekend! Please keep the mustard on the hot dog & don't open bottles with your teeth. Cheer…
August 25, 201709:04 AM
... when the phone rings around here, it's not always because patients have a toothache... ;-)
August 22, 201709:03 AM
August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day - we love her, don't you!?
August 18, 201709:01 AM
Hey, how about some tooth-healthy tips for those of us under 40? That’s a lot of us!
August 6, 201709:05 AM
The first Sunday in August is National Kids Day! Get outside, and have fun! Steal this list of fun activities!!
July 31, 201709:00 AM
Small toothbrushes aren't just for kids after all! Which is best for you? Spidey? Elsa? We've got you covered! ;-)
July 14, 201709:01 AM
Lewis and Clark's amazing journey began July 3rd, 1806... maps in hand. How about a roadmap for your oral health?!
July 10, 201709:05 AM
Did you know Lady Liberty’s smile is three feet wide? Say WHAT?! Did you think it was smaller or bigger?!
July 7, 201709:04 AM
Beautiful smiles make beautiful selfies!:) Give us a call if we haven't seen you in a while!

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